Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582)

The esteemed clan leader.

Controversial figure, this guy is. You look around for info and you get like 5 different takes on what he’s supposed to be like. Famous for being a crazy and ruthless bastard with unconventional approach to things and a total geek for European thingamabobs.

No, he did not convert to Christianity even though he’s on good terms with the Jesuit missionaries.

And no, he’s not devil’s incarnate or an evil tyrant either. At least… he’s not THAT bad. Not to say that he isn’t a psycho bastard, though. He is, but he’s not some kind of pure evil demonic being from the greatest depths of hell.

My personal take on him is that he’s a flat-out weird person and I like to play with that “weird” aspect big time. Not to the point of stupid, mind you, except for instances where I just want to be funny, but generally I try to keep it sane. The “scary bastard” and “awesome guy” angle is too common, so I kind of wanted to focus on “weird” and “unpredictable”.

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